Efficient Workmanship & Service

Efficient Workmanship & Service

Waste Oil Furnace in Belmont, Ohio

by Orrison Maintenance Service Inc

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Contact Orrison Maintenance Service Inc. for quality waste oil furnaces in Belmont, Ohio. Does your business need a new heating unit? We are proud to offer Clean Energy Water Oil Heater Systems. These are energy-efficient, which will keep your business warm and help you save money.


Waste Oil Furnace

The CE-140 is best for one- to four-bay garages. It can heat up to 4,000 square feet with 140,000 BTUs of power.


Waste Oil Furnace

Our CE-180 model works best in garages with three to six bays with 5,000 square feet and 175,000 BTUs of power.


Waste Oil Furnace

The CE-250 works best in garages with five to eight bays. It turns used oil into heat in an area of 7,000 square feet with 245,000 BTUs.


Waste Oil Furnace

The CE-330 is best for a garage that has seven or more bays and carries 325,000 BTUs of energy production.


Waste Oil Furnace

The CE-340 allows your business to make free hot water for radiant heat and other purposes. It has boiler-grade steel components for long-lasting durability. The wet base fire tube boiler helps reduce hot spots and deterioration. There also is a digital boiler control and optional domestic water coil.


Waste Oil Furnace

The CE-440 is the most powerful system offered. It works best in large areas including warehouses and commercial garages. They come with 420,000 BTUs of power to heat the area.

Our systems are designed to burn used oils according to EPA standards. Their unique design allows for simple installation and maintenance. These options come with a stainless-steel heat exchanger for the best durability. They have high-velocity, air-swept heat exchangers which create more heating power. They have an easy open design where you will not need tools to open it. The set-up also allows for longer intervals between cleanings. They come with vertical flue tubes that can withstand any damage done it. Check out the video below for more information on the Clean Energy Heating System.

Our experts can install and help you maintain your waste oil furnace system. We have all of the products on-hand that we need to keep your system running. That lets us finish the job in one day. Call our team today at (740) 782-1972 for quality waste oil heating installation and service.

Contact Orrison Maintenance Service Inc for quality waste oil furnaces in Belmont, Ohio.